Red Dragon Karate USA believes in the philosophy of ‘winners never quit.’ As a martial arts organization, Red Dragon Karate USA recognizes the significance of perseverance, determination, and resilience in achieving success. The phrase ‘winners never quit’ serves as a powerful motivational statement that encourages students to embrace a determined mindset. Red Dragon Karate USA understands that personal growth and overcoming challenges require unwavering commitment and the ability to push through difficulties. However, they also emphasize the importance of adaptability, learning from failures, and making strategic decisions that contribute to overall success. By embodying the spirit of ‘winners never quit,’ Red Dragon Karate USA empowers individuals to persist in the face of adversity, guiding them towards achieving their goals.

Red Dragon Karate Update

We are using Zoom for our online classes and its working fantastic. we will be having Virtual Testing Graduation on May 16th 2020.

We would like to take this time to thank the parents for an incredible job! We are moving forward in the safest manner.

Thank you from all the instructors at Red Dragon Karate.

Red Dragon Karate For Kids

If you are looking for a program that is safe, fun and exciting for your child, RED DRAGON KARATE has plenty to choose from. To learn more, check out our martial arts for kids programs more information about the programs we offer to children,

please visit RED DRAGON KARATE.

Red Dragon Karate,  Changing Lives One Person at a Time

Red Dragon Karate, Changing Lives One Person at a Time

I’d like to tell you the stories of four kinds of kids that I’ve seen walk through the doors of my Red Dragon Karate Schools time and time again.

Then, afterward, I’d like to tell you about how this program transformed their lives. And the joy their parents got from seeing the incredible transformations.

From focusing, to goal setting, to self-discipline,

to self-respect – kids emerge from this program changed for the better.

And their parents couldn’t be happier.